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Project 11 – Serbia

Diving with (semi_) or a closed circuit rebreathers attracts an increasing number of fans in the ranks of scuba divers around the world. Although it is formally classified and trained in the area of „technical diving“, it is undoubtedly just a matter

Project 11 – Slovenia

LOCATION # 4 May 5.-7. 2018 Slovenia – Diving in mountains Diving guides define diving in the mountains as descents below the water level at an altitude of over 300 m. m. They are mostly clean lakes with cool water

Project 11

A TDI/SDI „Project 11“ programja jól példázza, hogy az oktatási szervezetek között lehet jó együttműködés, nem egymás ellen, hanem egymás mellett, egymást segítve tudtunk merülni. Köszönet Miklós Tamásnak (NAUI Representative Hungary)

Project 11 – Hungary

When we on 11/11 exactly at 11:11 am opened the „PROJECT 11“, about two dozen curious diving enthusiasts met at the TDI/SDI/ERDI Eastern Europe offices clubroom. After decrypting the number 11 in the title of the project, we went through