Project 11 – Slovenia

May 5.-7. 2018
Slovenia – Diving in mountains

Diving guides define diving in the mountains as descents below the water level at an altitude of over 300 m. m. They are mostly clean lakes with cool water surrounded by scenery of mountain giants. In the case of Slovenia, on the territory of which the Julian Alps are, hills still covered by snow in the spring. There are so many breathtaking views no one can image. As part of the „PROJECT 11“ event, our TDI / SDI / ERDI Regional Representation, along with our Slovenian partners, organizes dives in the mountainous environment of Lake Bohinsko and Bled. We can expect cold, but clear water and the possibility to take pictures in and around lakes with beautiful surroundings.

A whole weekend in Slovenia will be held in the spirit of diving theory and practice at high altitude. We will be diving exclusively from the shore without the need to use the boat. It will bring peace and stress-free progress to the preparation and implementation our dives. Participants in the event promised TDI / SDI / EDI Instructors from several Eastern European countries, who will be attending events, in a few brief informative lectures explaining little but important corrections that we need to follow while planning such dives. For example: modified ascent rate, change of safety stop depth, different setting of diving computer and so on.

We will have great accommodation with breakfast and a room, where we can „exchange experiences“ with our new friends from Slovenia. Don’t be afraid to bring non-dying family members. The surrounding area of the lakes is splendid with pure nature. In addition to diving, you can also go for a whole range of „outdoor“ sports. If weather and hydrological conditions permit, we will also experience truly adventure diving in Soca River. However, this depends on several factors and it is not possible to schedule a few months in advance. Participants with the appropriate equipment and certification FULL CAVE DIVER, along with local diving divers, can dive into some of the nearby caves.

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