Project 11 – Serbia

Diving with (semi_) or a closed circuit rebreathers attracts an increasing number of fans in the ranks of scuba divers around the world. Although it is formally classified and trained in the area
of „technical diving“, it is undoubtedly just a matter of time when it will enter also in other layers of the diving community.

As part of the „PROJECT 11“ event, TDI/SDI/ERDI for Eastern Europe, along with our Serbian partner, is organizing a rehearsal theme seminar. The event is divided into the theoretical part in
the classroom as well as practical demonstrations in the controlled environment of the pool. It is more than likely that many participants in the personal contact with TDI instructors will subsequently agree to continue with proper open water training.

The focus, content and anticipated course of the Rebreather’s_Workshop is designed especially for individuals who want to get an introductory image about the diving with a semi or fully closed circuit units. However, it is not only about theoretical lectures with a powerpoints projection, but rather an interactive process with the acquisition of basal experiences through their senses. The participants will not only touch the rebreathers, but they will prepare them for a dive, controlling and breathing from them underwater.

Those individuals who already have some experience with this type of diving, will be able to take a look at the current technologies or compare the capabilities and features of their device with other products. The exchange of experience will certainly be an essential part of this „PROJECT 11“ project.

TDI Rebreather Instructors from all over Eastern Europe promised o participate in the event. Both semi-closed and fully closed devices, manually and electronically controlled units, will be
represented both structurally and functionally. We will see older and proven models, so the rebreathers of the last period. From the brands we mention: X-CCR, Divesoft Liberty, JJ, Poseidon,
Tres Presidentes, Satori, Buddy Inspiration, SF2, ……

Selected participants with the appropriate equipment and certifications will dive with Serbian cave divers at the attractive Krupajsko Vrelo site.
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