With the membership now happy about their options for both sport and technical dive training through SDI and TDI, they continued to ask for more specialized training in public safety diving, and thus Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) was born in 2000. ERDI was and continues to be the only training program that is supported by a major certification agency catering exclusively to public safety diving.

Throughout the years ERDI has written programs that have trained very established dive teams such as the Chicago Fire Department, numerous state police dive teams, and several federal agencies.

Public Safety Diving is Different
The Emergency Response Diving International™ (ERDI™) public safety diver training program delivers specialized training that is intended to prepare PSD team members for the rigors of this type of demanding diving. Conditions are often harsh, pressure to perform high, and risks many and widely varied. The training offered by sport agencies and even technical diving agencies does not address the very highly specialized needs of the typical PSD team. ERDI’s is a proven education system and curriculum built by public safety professionals for public safety professionals.

One-Stop Business Solution
Emergency Response Diving International™ offers a wide range of programs designed to deliver training in ALL key areas of public safety diving.

Innovative Quality Education
Choosing ERDI training, a public safety diver will be plugged into the most innovative educational system in the diving industry… anywhere! Above all else, ERDI training will reflect what’s happening in the public safety diving community NOW! Emergency Response Diving International is the leader in innovative forward thinking training because:

  • Only PSD training available online. With Education for WHOLE team through three-part OPS training (Awareness, Operations, and Technician).
  • First to provide instructors and facilities standards underwritten and supported by appropriate insurance
  • First to offer training through a true network of professional facilities
  • First to present programs which are OSHA and NFPA compliant.

Being One of the Family has its Perks
ERDI Divers are part of an organization that is working to build general awareness of the role public safety diving in YOUR local community. Through a growing network of facilities, instructors, professional dive teams (including firefighters, law enforcement departments, federal agencies and others) ERDI and its sister agencies, Scuba Diving International, and Technical Diving International, has the largest community of professional and non-professional ‘associates’ helping to raise the profile of PSD, which translates into better access to resources, support and funding opportunities.

Respectful Service
ERDI grew to be the leader in public safety diving by taking care of our instructors and the divers they teach, pure and simple. Our organization was founded on the respect for the value of good education and customer satisfaction. We take that very seriously. If you need help with a lost C-card, a training issue or have a question about our programs, we are an email or phone call away. During business hours our phones are answered by real customer service representatives. You will get answers fast.

e-Fluent People
ERDI has a fast, efficient and ever growing online area on its consumer and password protected member websites. It features an online store, links to our Public Safety Diving newsletter, links to information relevant to PSD teams, 24/7/365!

The Best Instructors
ERDI Instructors are among the best in the industry. Since the very start of the agency, our instructor list has read like a who’s who of public safety diving. Today, that elite team of instructors and instructor trainers are pushing the envelope on all seven continents. Learn from professionals who dive the dream.

Stay Current
Through our affiliated quarterly eNewsletter, and our active participation in forums, expos, training events and shows, we have opened two-way communications between our agency and YOUR dive team. This gives us constant and direct feedback and useful information to guide the development of new even more innovative ideas for the PSD Community.

Take the Lead with Emergency Response Diving International
ERDI has a well-developed leadership development program for experienced team members who want to step up to the next level and become instructors and instructor trainers. Make ERDI part of your professional development plans.

Committed to Serve and Protect™

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